Fri Sep 8 14:44:17 PDT 1995

   "The Duty Of Bardship" pretty much seems to cover it- hey, I'd love to 
hear this one performed! May I offer one of my own as an example of the 
difference between a bard and a streetsinger?
                           The Rocks Of The Road     Erin NhaMinerva 1993

The life of a roving minstrel lass do hard and hearty be:
The rocks of the road are many and sharp in every land I've seen
But great also are the triumphs and joys of my merry, footloose way,
I go where I please and please where I go and live for the joy of the day

To keep my feet from the rocks of the road I'll dance and I will sing
If you should chance to hear me this day, good fortune may it bring you
Good fortune may it bring

I've always taken a roving path, to trip o'er the rocks of the road
I wish it could be on the back of a horse, to carry my heavy load.
But still I sing with a happy heart, wherever my road may go
For sunset will strew my path with gold and with silver the streams do flow

Many's the fine and sprightly tune that rings o'er the land so green:
I can be found where the music calls and the light-footed dancers are seen
>From dusk to dawn we'll revel and sing wherever our roads may go
For winter will come as sure as the sun, and with it the cold and the snow

When springtime covers the land with green and beckons the sleeper to wake
The flowers do bloom by the side of the road and the rocky path I will take
With head held high and a happy heart, I'll follow my roving trade
The forest will ring with the beat of my drum and the sound of the songs 
I have made

                                                Bright Blessings,
                                                   The Black Rose

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