What makes a bard?

HaMizrachi at aol.com HaMizrachi at aol.com
Fri Sep 8 10:35:07 PDT 1995

Greetings from Yaakov.

My loathing for the term "bard" as applied to all things bardic is something
I view as personal.  I ask folk not to call me a bard.  Poet or storyteller
or even fool (having been King of Fools for the Carolingian Fools Guild for
some years).  OTOH, for those for whom it is appropriate because of
*personna*, not because of some sort of ranking system, I am deleighted to
call them by their proper title.  

(As a side note, I believe Master James is refered to in the Acorn
(Atlantia's newsletter) as "Minnesinger to the King" or some such instead of
Royal Bard.)

In Yaakov's time, people did make money through their story-telling skills or
poetry.  On the other hand, everyone who was educated was expected to be able
to do these activities well.  I am trying to become sufficiently proficient
so that I can make a living at it.

I'll leave my mercenary bard campaign for another time.


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