Hunting the Wren

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On Fri, 8 Sep 1995, Brett Williams wrote:

> >>I'm looking for a period source for the song "Hunting the Wren".  
> >
> >        The wren, oh the wren, he's the king of all birds
> >        St. stevens day was caught in the firs
> >        Although he was little his honor was great
> >        won't you give me a _____ (I forget this word) 
> >        for to bury the wren
> >
> >
> And I learned an entirely different version from Holly Tannen, who got 
> hers from oral tradition as still sung in southern England.
> Where are you going, says Milder to Malder
> Where are you going, says Festle to Fose
> We may not tell you. says the younger to the elder
> Out to the green wood, says John the Red Nose
> ciorstan macAmhlaidh

Hi Cirostan MacAppleUser! <grin!>

I learned it under the name "Billy Barlow" as a kid in N.
these songs -do- survive!

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