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Jennifer Tifft jgtifft at
Thu Sep 7 11:38:47 PDT 1995

This piece was written as a presentation to my successor to
the office of Bard of the Mists. It attempts to say (sing
actually, I wrote a tune as well) what I feel are important
parts of the 'chaired bard's' _job_.

How does this job description fit with the perceptions of

With respect,
Wander Riordan
jgtifft at

		   The Duty of Bardship
						Wander Riordan

The duty of a bard it is to praise and magnify
The deeds and honors of thy lord, his prowess glorify
To move both heart and mind to joy, all pettiness deny
Find beauty where it hidden sings, and singing make reply.

The duty of a bard it is to cause thy lord to smile
For laughter is the sovereign draught that heals the wounds of guile
No pomp or foolish pride exempt from out thy wit or style
The better cheer to foster all along the weary mile.

The duty of a bard it is hard truth for to relate
In words that ring through centuries & run in measured spate
So speak of solemn striving and the bitter grief of hate
Stern art requires tongue & breath that anger may abate

The duty of a bard it is to teach & chide & sing
That all who hear thy works may then an understanding bring
Of chivalry, grace, courage kind, bright honor whence to cling
Throughout their sojourn in this land, to shape time's reckoning.

The duty of a bard it is to stand beside thy lord
Bring honor to his lady, and respect likewise outpoured
Thy tongue and wit are weapons even as a naked sword
And to their use responsible art thou by thine own word.

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