Interesting Music Sources

Bill Hodghead billho at
Thu Sep 7 08:46:28 PDT 1995

Greetings Rosanore, Tangwystyl, and all

I've looked over Greene's "The Early English Carols" and the tunes from 
Robbins' "Early English Christmas Carols" (a good source for the Boar's 
head and Coventry Carols), but I haven't had the opportunity to look 
through Stevens' "Mediaeval Carols" yet (the UoW library won't let it 
out of their reference section).  How is it?  Does he include Greene's 
lyrics? Does he use modern notation and tunings?  How much is secular?

| I was particularly amused to run across a 15th
| century version of the song I learned in childhood as "The Fox Went Out
| on a Cloudy Night".

Fun! Is this similar to "Tommorrow the Fox" in Ravenscroft? What's it 
called so I can hunt it down?

 - Liam Mac Mhuire

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