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Zoe L. Kuhn zkuhn at
Wed Sep 6 15:15:07 PDT 1995

Greetings all from Chriemhilt von Regensburg!
	I will be a silent voyeur no longer.  I am a Bavarian street
musician who has cashed in on the dance mania that has befallen
the area. I play my hammered dulcimer and recorders to soothe
those poor dancing fools.

According to schalnat at
  And yes, the
> word "Bard" has no meaning to me, although I will probably just treat
> it as the english translation of the german word for a general entertainer
> (which escapes me for the moment.  I will have to work on my german
> someday soon here, and perhaps even study some older german while I'm
> at it ;).
> Anyone out there have a german persona?
> -Guy (I'm thinking of using Erik Schalnaut as my persona name, but
>       I haven't decided yet, so I'll just use my modern name for now)
Well, to me, the word 'bard' has always meant storyteller or
singer since those are what the SCA focuses on at Bardic
events, competitions, and circles.

I always thought of myself as a musician, not a bard at all.

I will get back to you @ what 'bard' would have been in Middle
High German, the language Guy and I should use.

BTW, hi, Sela (Arianrhod)!!!

Musically yours,

Zoe   (Chriemhilt)

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