polyglot personna (was: Re: Criteria: Aargh!

Robin Hilp robin at data.microtekintl.com
Wed Sep 6 12:28:01 PDT 1995

On Wed, 6 Sep 1995 schalnat at group42.com wrote:
> [...]  I will have to work on my german
> someday soon here, and perhaps even study some older german while I'm
> at it ;).
> Anyone out there have a german persona?

My personna is a traveller; she makes a point of picking up the local 
dialect/language quickly *grins*.  Although, in real life I've not 
studied any "old forms" beyond classical Latin & Sanskrit.

Mundanely, I'm struggling in somewhat of a vacuum to learn modern 
conversational Chinese and to revive my Dutch, French, & German 
(trilingual early childhood, English/Dutch/German, forgotten most of it 
over the last quarter century) & would welcome the chance for some 
adult pen-pal-ing in those languages on topics of mutual interest -- 
frequency about one exchange every week or so given my schedule -- please 
reply to this proposal in private email, thanks!

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