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Harry Miller hmiller at
Wed Sep 6 11:21:31 PDT 1995

Those in whom the muse resides-
Bards, minstrels, and poets besides-
Have little love of leaping hoops
To show their ranking in their groups.

I, Gruffydd, a simple goliard
Make no pretense to be a Bard.
I'm happy with full cup and song
And all good friends to sing along.

It was a toss-up whether to put "sing along" or "drink along" in that 
last stanza, but since it's not yet noon I decided to go with singing.  
Tonight maybe I'll change my mind.

Gruffydd Llandaff


Harry A. W. Miller                      Student of Music Library Stuff
hmiller at                Ethnomusicology dilettante  Learner of Welsh

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