Criteria: Aargh!

schalnat at schalnat at
Wed Sep 6 10:21:24 PDT 1995

Well met, All.

Jed Silverstar writes:

> In cacophonic accord with Tangwystyl I declare AARGH in spades to setting up 
> criteria, good cousin Gaerred and whoever else mentioned something similar 
> this weekend. These screens and hoops would have to be amended for every 
> species of bardic performer in the Knowne World, and who knows how many 
> species that might encompass? (My operating thesis: as many species as there 
> are performers.)

As one who is developing a persona as a German Minnesinger, I would
dread the criteria that would be set up, or those people who would
have to determine whether I knew what I was talking about or not.
I also would prefer not to have to learn things about which my persona
would not know, because I just don't have the time.  And yes, the
word "Bard" has no meaning to me, although I will probably just treat
it as the english translation of the german word for a general entertainer
(which escapes me for the moment.  I will have to work on my german
someday soon here, and perhaps even study some older german while I'm
at it ;).

Anyone out there have a german persona?

-Guy (I'm thinking of using Erik Schalnaut as my persona name, but
      I haven't decided yet, so I'll just use my modern name for now)

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