Well Met!

Kevin Brew kevin at enterprise.net
Wed Sep 6 11:13:34 PDT 1995

On  5 Sep 95, Tim Jennings wrote about Well Met!...

> Well met indeed!

I was certian that the name Galbraith would rear it's head upon this 
> (in my off hours ;) with my large(20+), and somewhat overtalented household
> (House Galbraith). 

I can attest to the spread (and the size) of House Galbraith.  I am 
also a member of said household, even here in the Irish Sea.

> 	The term bard, 
> Awarded by the people to those they deem fit to carry it.

I have always agreed that this is the best test of any title or term 
of reference, but is especially true here.  If others don't consider 
you a bard, entertainer, etc. it doesn't really matter what you call 
yourself.  Your public has spoken (or not spoken, whichever).

> 	I had thought at one point that a series of criteria (like those
> for other awarded positions) might be created, with an award of the title
> of bard available to those who had met the requirements.

I hesitate to join the msgs that disagree with a simple "Me Too" 

Forms of recognition and praise are an important part of SCA.  

I like 
what I've been hearing on the Ealdormere mail list about what has 
been refered to as "The White Wolf Thingie".  A guild-type 
orginization whos members accept 'challanges' to their artistic 
ability.  This is a VERY loose explanation, I have not been following 
it too closely.  If anyone has better info, please...

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