I'm here, too...

Carol Cannon cjcannon at ucdavis.edu
Wed Sep 6 08:27:34 PDT 1995

  I am Carol J. Bell Cannon and I copycatalog books for the University of 
California, Davis Library...and have for a long time.  
  I am also Grannia [any other part of my name will eventually find me, 
but it hasn't yet <smile>, so I'm still sobriquetless].  Master Ioseph of 
Locksley is instructing me in the arts, for which I am most grateful and 
feel highly honored.  We have only just begun, so I have a very long way 
to go before I am called anything other than a dabbler in the arts.  I 
will attempt to learn anything Master Ioseph sets me to--and only he 
knows what that may be. Being in such august company, I shall likely do more 
reading than contributing, though I am not shy of expressing my opinions.
  A good place to begin with that latter is:  a 'bardic' path.  We 
already have such a path--the Laurel, which, IMHO, is sufficient.  The 
rest must come from inside one and no outward incentive is as motivating 
to me as my own need to write/&c.  
  Well met.  It is good to see such a gathering.--Grannia
Cannon, Carol J. Bell       cjcannon at ucdavis.edu        Grannia [in the SCA]
'Life is so short, the craft so long to learn.'--Hippocrates' Aphorisms. 
I.i.,  5th cent. BC

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