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Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Wed Sep 6 06:44:25 PDT 1995

On Sep 6,  7:41, Dave & Laura McKinstry wrote:

> My first query, as it is on my mind, was to be, "Are there standards in
> place for using sleeve-ribbons as awards?" since we of Cire Freunlaven would
> like this to be our own way of honoring those of our encampment who have
> Done wondrous things in the bardic arts.

I don't think any kingdom regulates such ribbons, so they're fair
game. Atlantia uses colored cloth wrapped around the arm for ranks in
the fencing Academie d'espee', and other kindoms use a colored cord
system, but that's all informal.

However, beware making mountains out of molehills. If you talk to
royalty or ex-royalty, many of them will tell you of their fear of
being trapped at high table, feeling that they must listen in rapt
silence and attention to performance after performance. When I play
for high table, it's as background music, and if the Royals would like
to hear clearly, they can call for silence. Should you establish
"performing before the king" as a milestone, you should be mellow
about it.

> And I just deleted something I was going to reply to - I have a few sources
> for period melodies, but need more.  I am willing to computerize what I have
> so that it is available to all, if there is a place I can send it.

I've got plenty of places; I'll discuss formats and such with this
fellow off-line. Anyone else who's interested can contact me directly.

In service,

Gregory Blount

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