Criteria: Aargh!

Tim Jennings jennings at
Wed Sep 6 06:12:43 PDT 1995

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Jed O'Connor wrote:

> Salutations from Jed Silverstar:
> In cacophonic accord with Tangwystyl I declare AARGH in spades to setting up 
> criteria, good cousin Gaerred and whoever else mentioned something similar 
> this weekend. These screens and hoops would have to be amended for every 
> species of bardic performer in the Knowne World, and who knows how many 
> species that might encompass? (My operating thesis: as many species as there 
> are performers.)
> --Jed Silverstar. 

I had thought that my suggestion might get this exact response. I suppose the
intention was to perhaps help set up a point of reference for our new 
members, or those new to performing. Those of us who have been performing
for many years often forget the novice, who wishes to mark their advancement.
Still, the point is well taken. I also firmly believe that regular praise
of new activities (as deserved) is at least as valuable, and more 

(BTW, to Tangwystyl, no offence taken ;)

Yours in Sevice 
Gaerred Galbraith
(aka Tim Jennings)

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