Criteria: Aargh!

Dave & Laura McKinstry dalm at
Wed Sep 6 04:41:00 PDT 1995

>> Salutations from Jed Silverstar:
>> In cacophonic accord with Tangwystyl I declare AARGH in spades to setting up 
>> criteria, good cousin Gaerred and whoever else mentioned something similar 
>> this weekend.
>I'll third the notion: AIEIEIEIEIE. While an award or doo-dad
>sometimes inspires folks to learn more than they otherwise would, I
>already have 2 awards I can earn for the art of entertainment (laurel
>and my kingdom A&S award, the pearl), and I don't think adding another
>one would inspire me much. But hey, I don't like "bardic" competitions
>much either, and if I became Atlantian Kingdom "Bard", my first
>official act would be to beg their Majesties to change the name of the
>office. I suppose that outlines my attitude on the major issues pretty

Greetings from Lark of Cire Freunlaven, Shire of Gleann Dubh, Kingdom of

My first query, as it is on my mind, was to be, "Are there standards in
place for using sleeve-ribbons as awards?" since we of Cire Freunlaven would
like this to be our own way of honoring those of our encampment who have
Done wondrous things in the bardic arts. Also since we all wear big,
poofy-sleeved shirts and it would look wonderful (Okay, yes, we are a bit of
a rogueish little family who delights simply in having fun.) You know, one
color to signify one's first performance at a bardic circle, another for
performing before the king, et cetera.  Are there not yet standards then?
Are we free to do as we will? 

And I just deleted something I was going to reply to - I have a few sources
for period melodies, but need more.  I am willing to computerize what I have
so that it is available to all, if there is a place I can send it.  My
process will create a MIDI file, and there are a few other file formats as
well, or perhaps I could print to disk so that the music is visible to any.
Are there standards for this? Is there a point to setting it in MIDI? I
would be doing 2-part recorder music, at the momoent.

For my unveiling, I am a quasi-newbie, play harp/guitar/viola/voice and
write ballads (Or, at least, I'm working on my first and hope there will be
others), and Cire Freunlaven is a bardic family of sorts. We are all, at
least, performers, most of us budding-musicians, not necessarily "Bards" as
existed in Ireland (meaning, we do not advise kings, and don't intend to)
but we will play for any who will listen, will wander camps like minstrels,
will compete for prizes, will put on skits, and we even have a dancer.  It
is our intent to entertain. 

Well met, good gentles of the performing arts!

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