Criteria: Aargh!

Jed O'Connor joconnor at
Tue Sep 5 13:19:13 PDT 1995

Salutations from Jed Silverstar:

In cacophonic accord with Tangwystyl I declare AARGH in spades to setting up 
criteria, good cousin Gaerred and whoever else mentioned something similar 
this weekend. These screens and hoops would have to be amended for every 
species of bardic performer in the Knowne World, and who knows how many 
species that might encompass? (My operating thesis: as many species as there 
are performers.)

I do not anticipate that our conversation on what is/isn't or should 
be/shouldn't be bardic is going to do much but clog up my hard disk along 
with everyone else's. I suggest three more profitable pastimes:

1.   Let the subscribers set forth what manner of bards or whatever they be 
in exacting detail, so we have a better sense of what personal definitions 
of bardship exist within our company. I've already set out some of mine.

2.   Let us also enumerate our special interests so that those of like mind 
can find each other.

3.   Let our friend in Virginia set up a homepage so we can collect and 
index similar thoughts, and yea, even works of art on topics of common 
interest in a less jumbled jungle than this one.

--Jed Silverstar. 

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