Criteria: Aargh!

Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Tue Sep 5 18:07:31 PDT 1995

> Salutations from Jed Silverstar:
> In cacophonic accord with Tangwystyl I declare AARGH in spades to setting up 
> criteria, good cousin Gaerred and whoever else mentioned something similar 
> this weekend.

I'll third the notion: AIEIEIEIEIE. While an award or doo-dad
sometimes inspires folks to learn more than they otherwise would, I
already have 2 awards I can earn for the art of entertainment (laurel
and my kingdom A&S award, the pearl), and I don't think adding another
one would inspire me much. But hey, I don't like "bardic" competitions
much either, and if I became Atlantian Kingdom "Bard", my first
official act would be to beg their Majesties to change the name of the
office. I suppose that outlines my attitude on the major issues pretty

I'm not a bard -- I'm an entertainer. I mostly do dance music, on the
recorder, bass viola da gamba, and hammered dulcimer. On occasion I
can be heard singing, preferably about drinking.

I'm interested in interesting solo and small ensemble music, and songs
which are actually provably pre-1600. I'm also interested in
publishing, on paper and on the Internet, bibliographies and other
materials of interest. For example, I'm currently working on a short
edition of some British Broadside Ballads from before 1600 -- they
seem to be hard to find in print, so they aren't accessible to the
casual SCAdian. Eventually I'd also like to make a tape of these
ballads and filkable melodies from before 1600. Naturally, I'd love
suggestions and contributions, especially contributions for the

> 3.   Let our friend in Virginia set up a homepage so we can collect and 
> index similar thoughts, and yea, even works of art on topics of common 
> interest in a less jumbled jungle than this one.

I created that a few days ago:

Although the scheme I had in mind for indexing the archives won't
work, because you guys like changing the subject.

In service,

Gregory Blount

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