Well Met!

Tim Jennings jennings at acs.ryerson.ca
Tue Sep 5 06:06:07 PDT 1995

Well met indeed!

	Greetings good gentles. Allow this humble introduction. I am
Gaerred Galbraith; An 11th century Celt from the southern Hebrides (spec.
an island called Gigha). I presently dwell in the land of Ealdormere,
(in my off hours ;) with my large(20+), and somewhat overtalented household
(House Galbraith). I consider myself to be working toward the rather
antiquated term of bard, though I already act as Lawkeeper and historian
to my house. My studies in this have just passed the halfway mark at 3 1/2

		Mundanely -

	Hi! My name is Tim jennings, and I have been active in the Society
for about 4 years. I work and live in Toronto, Ont. as a Prof. at a local
University (Theatre Technology), and as Tech. Director for the same 
institution. I have been a singer and storyteller all of my adult life.
I look forward to hearing about all those gathered here.

	The term bard, which is already up for discussion it seems, has 
always been to me much like Laurel or Pelican, an awarded title within the
society. Awarded by the people to those they deem fit to carry it. If your
persona also reflects this term as an interest then by all means use it well.
Personally, I strive to achieve this title in all ways, and progress beyond

	I had thought at one point that a series of criteria (like those
for other awarded positions) might be created, with an award of the title
of bard available to those who had met the requirements. Perhaps this is
a possible area of discussion. If the term is to be used within the society,
(and it will be) should we create a guideline around the term to distinguish
it from minstrels, jongleurs and the like? It seems that the title deserves
to be more than just a common usage for good/bad singers.

Yours in Service,
Gaerred Galbraith
(aka Tim Jennings)
jennings at acs.ryerson.ca

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