Hi (standard message subject)

Kevin Brew kevin at enterprise.net
Fri Sep 1 11:03:21 PDT 1995

I just wanted to be among the first to introduce myself the the Knowne 
Wired World (it sounded good).

I am inactive in the SCA these days as I have moved to a small island 
in the Irish Sea and haven't the time (or the strength) to intoduce 
it here.  Saying this I am pleased I can keep in touch via e-mail.

Until my move I resided as stated in my signature and enjoyed singing 
with/for and listening to the many bards that Ealdormere is blessed 

I look forward to sharing songs, stories with bards throughout the 
Knowne World.

|  Derek Dhooglais     | Incipient College of Skeldergate           |
|  (mka Kevin Brew)    |       Barony of Septentria                 |
|                      |               Principality of Eldormere    |
| kevin at enterprise.net |                       Middle Kingdom       |

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