Welcome to the Bardic Mailing List

Greg Lindahl gl8f at fermi.clas.virginia.edu
Thu Aug 31 17:55:26 PDT 1995

I asked that no one post until September 1st so that folks had a
reasonable amount of time to subscribe to the list and not miss the
initial discussions. We now have 41 people on the list, and it's now
September 1st in England, and so away we go.

I'm still looking for a volunteer for an ftp site for the archives and
other files. I'm compiling an annotated bibliography of interesting
books and etc; if you have any entries; please send them to me via
personal mail. I'm also interested in the details about any
interesting publications. And what's become of the MSOBs? (Militant
Society of Bards)

In service,

Gregory Blount

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