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Greetings Lords and Ladies,
	 I have taken upon myself a great task and wish to have some input 
from those more learned in the field of music.  I am attempting to create a 
database of song lyrics for the SCA that will be able to be transmitted 
electronically with an associated program that allows sorting, adding, 
searching for key words, generating files by types of songs and printing 
selected songs.  What I need are Lyrics in electronic format.  I have started 
compiling what I can find and have about 2000 titles already.  I suspect that 
a finished product of this nature will have over 6000 titles and would 
require around 7000 pages to print out in normal text.  This is why I am 
trying to keep it computerized.  If anyone has any suggestions on other 
options to include in the program itself, or knows of anywhere that I can 
obtain Lyrics or who wishes to add their own lyrics to the list, please let 
me know.  I plan to make the program and database freely redistributable upon 
completion and will be glad to send a current title list to anyone who 
wishes.  The purpose of this project is to attempt to spread more music 
throughout the SCA.  I am currently in far south Atlantia (Hidden Mountain) 
and unfortunately get to see little singing in this area.  I have to travel 
North or South for good music.  I am also looking to try to consolidate a 
library of tapes and CD's (a task I am just starting on) and if anyone can 
recommend good sources for these they would be greatly appreciated.

	May your events always be free of rain {or at least your tents :-) }

			Ian O'Donnell
			Barony of Hidden Mountain
			Kingdom of Atlantia

P.S. Never forget the internet prefix if you want a message to leave your 
lan. (*sigh*) I just got the message back after three days that it couldn't 
find bardic on the lan at work.  No wonder no one responded....

               Chris D. Turner
     cturner at               (home)
     cturner at (work)

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