hist-games: Why the West plays chess and China plays weiqi

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Mon Dec 9 13:01:23 PST 2013

Hello everyone,
I finally finished something I had been working on for a long time. It's
because the West used abstract nouns which classical China had but never
used. These features of language shaped their respective thinking, of which
playing the two very different board games was a small result. It's
Appendix VIII of my Speculations on the Origins of Go article in the
e-Library of the American Go Association www.usgo.org/bobhighlibrary. Just
scroll down to find it. There a short (16 pages) version and a long (275
pages) one which expands the language part and also gives the background of
the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods with the use of the 36
Strategies--the summation of Chinese strategic thought--during that period.
There are also my other go articles on all sorts of subjects scattered
about below that entry.
Peter Shotwell
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