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Those interested in what Mats Winther wrote about (*I  am more and more
inclined to think that board games have played a significant role in the
development of ego consciousness. In a period of our history, in certain
Stone age and Bronze Age cultures, people seem to have been obsessed with
board games. Almost every tenth artifact found at Mohenjo-daro is game
related. I have argued that the structure of board games depict the
collective progress in consciousness, and that it is, essentially, an image
of psychic structure*)
might be interested in a paper I wrote at www.usgo.org/bobhighlibrarycalled

The Application of a Structural Anthropological Interpretation of the Yao
[Go] Myths to Dr. Wim van Binsbergen’s Analysis of the History of Board
Games and Divination from the Marxian Point of View of the Shift in Food
Production from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic Periods.

It's Appendix II of my "Speculations" article about the history of go.

Peter Shotwell
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