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Aditya Dash dashaditya at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 04:48:02 PDT 2012

Hello everyone: we are making a documentary on the game Snakes and Ladders,
we are currently looking for researchers who can give us more information
about the game and if possible even feature in this documentary. The basic
outline of the documentary is given below:

Act 1: Brief overview and history of the game. Include the religious
significance of such a game.

Act 2: filming a workshop with children expalining the rules and meaning of
the game Snakes and Ladders.

Act 3: The game in contemporary india/times, how it has been used worldwide
in advocating various messages from Water Conservation to Research Methods.

We are based in Odisha and ideally our shooting locations will be Odisha
(India) so that the production costs remain low. I hope to get responses
from these mailing lists. Thank you.

Aditya Dash and Manav Jalan
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