hist-games: Thomas Hyde's Chinese hunt game

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These rules are so good so I decided to publish this program. Thanks 
for solving this little mystery.

Note that the Rebels can also win by stalemating the General in a 
corner at the right side of the board. However, they cannot stalemate 
at a bottom corner, because the General wins if he can get to the 
bottom row. These rules can be discussed and altered, but I see no 
other option than to include a corner stalemate rule.

Mats Winther

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Dear Members,

In his De Ludis Orientalibus Thomas Hyde describes a Chinese game of 
the 'hunt' variety which he calls 'Ludus Subjugandi Rebelles'. I've 
attempted to derive some playable rules for the game from Hyde's 
description - see pdf at:


I hope it's of some interest to you.




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