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Thanks for setting up these versions - it’s very interesting to see them.

The final version is fine except for one thing - in order to capture the general the rebels have to be allowed to enter the triangle (privy). I realise that in games 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 of his book Murray says that they can’t do this, but there’s nothing in Hyde’s description of this game to suggest that they can’t enter the triangle. Unless they’re allowed to enter it themselves they will never be able to get the general in - for the reasons you mentioned in your first message. 

However, if there are rebels on j4 and j2 and the general is on i3, he will be forced to capture them and then other rebels can close the triangle behind him. 

The player with the rebels should arrange a series of sacrifices that will bring the general up to i3 where he will be forced to make the fatal capture.

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