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On below link is an implementation of Subjugatum Rebellium according
to the rules proposed. It does not play well with the rebels, but it
doesn't matter since the rebels should be handled by the human player.
The implementation could also be used to investigate the game (or for
online play). I implemented the privy rule so that it's enough to
enclose the General inside the privy in order to win. This is
effectively the same as forcing him to the apex. However, I found that
the General cannot be forced to go inside the privy since he can stand
still while capturing. If the General is positioned on the border of
the privy the rebels cannot force him to enter, because if they
surround him, both pieces will be captured.

So I propose this change: the General can only make this odd form of
capture in the first move. Simply remove two of the stones surrounding
the General. Such special first-move rules are known, for instance, in
Rimau-rimau (Asian Tiger games) where chosen pieces are immediately
removed from the board. Note: I implemented this as an alternative
variant. Please try it out.

Mats Winther

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Dear Members,

In his De Ludis Orientalibus Thomas Hyde describes a Chinese game of
the 'hunt' variety which he calls 'Ludus Subjugandi Rebelles'. I've
attempted to derive some playable rules for the game from Hyde's
description - see pdf at:


I hope it's of some interest to you.




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