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On 31/01/2012 08:59, Piotr Adamczyk wrote:

> I am searching for some specific info about Trondheim tafl board
> (11x11). Does anyone has info about it's size or maybe other usefuk
> informations - I want to make a exact copy of it for my educational work.

In my notes I have the following:

[Extract begins]
About two thirds of a wooden gaming board was found during excavations 
at the public library in Trondheim, Norway.  The board dates to the 
twelfth century, and is divided into rows of eleven squares, the 
complete edge measuring 25.6cm (10").  Seven squares are marked with a 
diagonal cross, their overall arrangement being three arms of a cross, 
the arms each being separated from the central square by two empty 
squares in between.  Assuming the missing section of the board bore the 
fourth arm of the cross, and that the board was symmetrical, the total 
size would have been eleven squares by eleven.  The reverse of the board 
bears marking for a game of tables (i.e. backgammon or some mediaeval 
Scandinavian equivalent).  A bordering rim is fixed to the board with 
dowels (FVTC 1992, 378 #572).
[Extract ends]

The FVTC reference refers to From Viking to Crusader, edited by Else 

I don't have information about the Stanway set, but I do have 
information (which I'd need to retype) about the following:

A set of walrus ivory pieces from Baldursheimur;
the famous wooden board from Ballinderry;
a set of antler pieces from Balnakeil;
a single horse-tooth piece from Basingstoke;
a single jet piece from Bawdsey;
some sets of bone, glass, elk horn and amber pieces from Birka;
the remains of a couple of wooden boards at Birka;
some bone and antler pieces and a whalebone board from Birsay;
three stone boards from Buckquoy;
a wooden board from Coppergate in York;
a stone board from Downpatrick;
a single bone piece from Drimore;
two walrus ivory pieces from Dublin;
a board from Dun Chonailaich;
a single bronze piece from Eyrarland;
a single horse-tooth piece from Faversham;
the famous golden horn of Gallehus;
a stone board from Garryduff;
the famous wooden tafl/morris board from Gokstad;
a set of glass pieces from Gunnarshaug;
bone and amber pieces from Hedeby;
a stone board from Howe;
a set of antler and walrus ivory pieces from Ile de Groix;
the slate board from Jarlshof;
a single conical piece from Jarlshof;
a wooden board from Knockanboy;
a single walrus ivory piece from Lund;
one or more sets of pieces from Nes;
the Ockelbo picture stone;
a set of pieces from Oldenburg;
a single amber piece from Roholte;
a soapstone board fragment from Sanday;
two ivory pieces from Sandnaes;
a set of pieces from Scalloway;
a set of bone pieces from Scar in Sanday;
a single horse-tooth piece from Taplow;
a wooden board fragment from Toftanes;
a second wooden board fragment from Trondheim;
an ivory piece from Trondheim;
a board fragment from Underhoull;
a set of glass pieces from Valsgarde;
three bone pieces from Vendel;
the Vimose board fragment;
two jet pieces from Warrington;
a peg-holed board from Waterford;
pieces from Westness;
a stone board from Whithorn;
a single bone piece from Woodperry.

For most of these a Google search would bring up as much information as 
I have.  If you're (or anyone is) interested in any of these and don't 
find them through Google then let me know, and I'll happily dig out what 
I have.  I wrote half a book on hnefatafl back in 2005 so I have quite a 
bit of data :-)

Damian Walker - http://boardgames.cyningstan.org.uk/

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