hist-games: Trondheim tafl board

Piotr Adamczyk piotr.adamczyk at muzeum.elblag.pl
Tue Jan 31 00:59:45 PST 2012

I am searching for some specific info about Trondheim tafl board (11x11). Does anyone has info about it's size or maybe other usefuk informations - I want to make a exact copy of it for my educational work.
Also I am searching for informations (the same - size, pictures of the bronze part's and their dimensions) about board game from Stanway.
Or any other informations about dimensions, drawings of othet viking time board games.

Piotr Adamczyk
The Museum of Archaeology and History in Elblag
Bulwar Zygmunta Augusta 11
82-300 Elblag

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