hist-games: Looking for information on a game

Wolfram Troeder rabennest at gmx.de
Mon Nov 7 12:38:54 PST 2011

Am 07.11.2011 21:00, schrieb hist-games-request at www.pbm.com:

> It says the games available for play are chess, checkers, 9 men's morris,
> fox&  geese, tric-trac&  glic.
> ...
Of these only glic is unknown to me, thanks for the rules reference.
However the website mentions a game I assume refers to the gameboard 
with the round inlay, dartboard type. It is named Tourniquet, which 
could be Turnstile in english?
 From what I see in the pictures it could be an early form of roulette? 
There are diffent numbers, blanc et noir instead of rouge et noir, the 
green parts could refer to impair?
The inner part could be rotatable or the middle hole could hold a 
rotating arrow??

> Thierry Depaulis has publshed an article about the whole object:
> Thierry Depaulis, ?Une bo?te ? jeux du mus?e de Cluny?, Revue du Louvre,
> 1-1987, p. 26-30.
I would be very interested to aquire a copy of this paper.

Thanks a lot for the very useful information so far.


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