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Thierry Depaulis has publshed an article about the whole object:
Thierry Depaulis, “Une boîte à jeux du musée de Cluny”, Revue du Louvre,
1-1987, p. 26-30.

Cary Michelle Seigel Wiseman <gribbit at gmail.com> Ecrivait: 
>Greetings Wolfram,
>So from what I understand (and I have been studying this particular piece
>for an A&S project) this is a 15th century piece that presumably has 6
>games in all.  The game boards slide out of the frames which is why 4 are
>shown in the photograph.
>There is a good deal of information on the following website:
>to find it scroll down, be patient it is quite a long way down, to where
>box of games, with game pieces, late 15th century (sadly that link takes
>you to a website that I believe is in French)
>It says the games available for play are chess, checkers, 9 men's morris,
>fox & geese, tric-trac & glic.  I know the rules for all but tric-trac
>(tric-trac looks like Backgammon probably has slightly different rules) &
>glic.  I notice some information for tric-trac is available on the same
>website. Glic from looking around sounds very interesting...kinda like
>Poker meets a board game - so playing cards are involved.  I will have to
>look into that as I have no real info and there is apparently an SCA group
>in Ealdormere that not only knows how to play but have played it at
>events.  I found this info from them at
>http://gamesguildofealdormere.blogspot.com/2011/09/rules-of-glic.html Not
>sure where the research is coming from for either of those two games, but
>at least that ought to lead you down the right path.
>If you want to stay in touch feel free to contact me at gribbit at gmail.com.
>I am working on 2 games projects for A&S.  One is a history of games,
>complete with a timeline of the games and a little history on each game +
>the rules of play, I want to do this in a book form, complete with
>illumination and calligraphy.  It has been a project for 5 years now, but
>really do want to complete it.  I have just never done a project of this
>magnitude before.  Oh the other project is the one that stems from this
>picture by the way.  It will be a pair of boxes that will have slide out
>tops and games will be carved (with inlay I hope) on them.  I am using the
>picture to show how I determined the lid to slide off rather than to
>a box that would open and the lid would remain stationary...if that makes
>sense.  Anyway, let me know what you find out as I am very curious to
>more about Glic especially, but Tric-trac too.
>HL Carith de Cuevas
>Courtier to the Baron of Three Mountains
>Apprentice to Master Conchobar Clarsair
>Student of all Medieval Games - this is where I hope to someday become a
>master.  FYI, I am sorry that my references are online sorces.  I can give
>you a Bibliography of wonderful books to use for resources but I am not so
>organized that I can give you that on the fly like I can the website info.
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>> Hello,
>> I stumbled on a game board displayed here:
>> http://tethys.imareal.oeaw.ac.at/realonline/images/3010639.JPG
>> I am looking for information on the game played on the board to the
>> Does somebody know more?
>> Thank you in advance
>> Wolfram A.Troeder
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