hist-games: Looking for information on a game (Wolfram Troeder)

Cary Michelle Seigel Wiseman gribbit at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 01:16:34 PST 2011

Greetings Wolfram,

So from what I understand (and I have been studying this particular piece
for an A&S project) this is a 15th century piece that presumably has 6
games in all.  The game boards slide out of the frames which is why 4 are
shown in the photograph.

There is a good deal of information on the following website:
to find it scroll down, be patient it is quite a long way down, to where it
box of games, with game pieces, late 15th century (sadly that link takes
you to a website that I believe is in French)
It says the games available for play are chess, checkers, 9 men's morris,
fox & geese, tric-trac & glic.  I know the rules for all but tric-trac
(tric-trac looks like Backgammon probably has slightly different rules) &
glic.  I notice some information for tric-trac is available on the same
website. Glic from looking around sounds very interesting...kinda like
Poker meets a board game - so playing cards are involved.  I will have to
look into that as I have no real info and there is apparently an SCA group
in Ealdormere that not only knows how to play but have played it at
events.  I found this info from them at
http://gamesguildofealdormere.blogspot.com/2011/09/rules-of-glic.html Not
sure where the research is coming from for either of those two games, but
at least that ought to lead you down the right path.

If you want to stay in touch feel free to contact me at gribbit at gmail.com.
I am working on 2 games projects for A&S.  One is a history of games,
complete with a timeline of the games and a little history on each game +
the rules of play, I want to do this in a book form, complete with
illumination and calligraphy.  It has been a project for 5 years now, but I
really do want to complete it.  I have just never done a project of this
magnitude before.  Oh the other project is the one that stems from this
picture by the way.  It will be a pair of boxes that will have slide out
tops and games will be carved (with inlay I hope) on them.  I am using the
picture to show how I determined the lid to slide off rather than to select
a box that would open and the lid would remain stationary...if that makes
sense.  Anyway, let me know what you find out as I am very curious to learn
more about Glic especially, but Tric-trac too.

HL Carith de Cuevas
Courtier to the Baron of Three Mountains
Apprentice to Master Conchobar Clarsair
Student of all Medieval Games - this is where I hope to someday become a
master.  FYI, I am sorry that my references are online sorces.  I can give
you a Bibliography of wonderful books to use for resources but I am not so
organized that I can give you that on the fly like I can the website info.

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> Hello,
> I stumbled on a game board displayed here:
> http://tethys.imareal.oeaw.ac.at/realonline/images/3010639.JPG
> I am looking for information on the game played on the board to the left.
> Does somebody know more?
> Thank you in advance
> Wolfram A.Troeder
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