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I've just dowloaded the pdf, but I'd like to have the book.

Is there anyone who knows how can I buy it?

Thank you in advance

Spartaco Albertarelli

Il 11/02/2011 15:09, M Winther ha scritto:
> According to this study, gaming was more important in Bronze Age
> culture than was earlier thought. Almost every tenth artifact found at
> Mohenjo-daro is game related, including different forms of dice and
> playing pieces. Elke Rogersdotter: "Gaming in Mohenjo-daro - an
> Archaeology of Unities" (12-Jan-2011).
> "The main question of this thesis concerns the possibility of
> illuminating the presence and impact of the irrational element that is
> play in an ancient societal structure. [...] The study is based on
> selected game-related finds from the site of Mohenjodaro. Located in
> Sindh in southern Pakistan, the site constitutes the remains of the
> largest urban settlement of the Bronze Age Indus Valley realm (ca.
> 2500-2000 BC). One of the typical features of this realm constitutes a
> focus on small-sized art. Among other artefacts, numerous small
> objects of a supposedly game-related purpose have been found in
> Mohenjo-daro, such as dice and gamesmen. [...]"
> http://gupea.ub.gu.se/handle/2077/24042
> Mats Winther
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