hist-games: Gaming in Mohenjo-daro

M Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Fri Feb 11 06:09:17 PST 2011

According to this study, gaming was more important in Bronze Age
culture than was earlier thought. Almost every tenth artifact found at
Mohenjo-daro is game related, including different forms of dice and
playing pieces. Elke Rogersdotter: "Gaming in Mohenjo-daro - an
Archaeology of Unities" (12-Jan-2011).

"The main question of this thesis concerns the possibility of
illuminating the presence and impact of the irrational element that is
play in an ancient societal structure. [...] The study is based on
selected game-related finds from the site of Mohenjodaro. Located in
Sindh in southern Pakistan, the site constitutes the remains of the
largest urban settlement of the Bronze Age Indus Valley realm (ca.
2500-2000 BC). One of the typical features of this realm constitutes a
focus on small-sized art. Among other artefacts, numerous small
objects of a supposedly game-related purpose have been found in
Mohenjo-daro, such as dice and gamesmen. [...]"


Mats Winther

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