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I will also thank Jon for these interesting references.
If you have not signed up for the Board Studies Colloquium in Paris already, I hope that you might participate in Brügge, Belgium, next year.
It would be nice to have some papers about this interesting subject.

Concerning etymology.
Already H. Billeskov Jansen in his article "Daldøs" from 1927 suggested Latin 'talus' as a possible origin of 'dal'.
More than 10 years ago Alf Næsheim in a letter to me suggested a connection between 'dal' and the English dialect word "dally", which he found in a book by Gomme.
Shortly after this, Thierry Depaulis and I found the references to 'daly' in the Oxford English Dictionary.
I was in contact with a Danish linguist, Viggo Sørensen, Aarhus University, when we wrote our articles to BGS 4, 2001.
He warned that it may be impossible to detect the correct etymology of 'daldøs', but found our proposal to have a high degree of probability.
I do not agree with the proposal that the last part of the name: 'døs' or 'dos' had the meaning 'dice'. It seems more likely, in my opinion, that
it meant 'two' or 'double'. Alf Næsheim mentioned in a letter to me that the expression 'dal døs' was used in a place in Jæren, Norway, when a 'double dal' had been thrown. This fits well with similar usage in Scandinavian: 'sinka dus', originally referring to the dice throw 5,2.

All the best.
Peter Michaelsen

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Many thanks indeed for these interesting references. I'll try and get a copy of Croft's datasheet which contains the Buckinghamshire reference. I'd be interested in the Novgorod one too!

All the best,


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