hist-games: Tibetan Gundru

P Shotwell pshotwell at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 13:08:30 PST 2010

Hello Mat,
No, it isn't. In fact, I'm doing a paper that will soon be posted in
the Bob High Library of the American Go Association
(www.usgo.org/bobhighlibrary) that reviews some of the history (and
also mistaken history) of custodian capture games dating back to
Classical Greek (if not Egyptian) times. I think it is logical to
think the principles of the game might have come to Tibet via the
Greek colony of Bactria and been adapted to be played on go boards.
BTW, its more common name in Tibet is Mig-mang (not Ming-mang), which
is also the name of Tibetan go. It means 'many eyes' and refers to the
design of the board.
Peter Shotwell

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