hist-games: Period Games Homepage Updated

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Sun Feb 21 20:05:20 PST 2010

After putting it off for more than a few years, I've just done a 
*massive* update of the Medieval and Renaissance Games Homepage:


I've added all of the new pages that people have sent me in the past 
year or so; perhaps even more important, I've done a deep pass, looking 
for dead links and cleaning them up. Where I've been able to efficiently 
find new copies of these dead links, I've replaced them; where not, I've 
moved them to a new Dead Links page.

In a few cases (notably the sites of Ruben Krasnopolsky and Imran Ghory, 
both of whom had a lot of valuable stuff), I've gone through the Wayback 
Machine and built up a local archive of their articles. If you have 
articles on the subject that are looking for a home, please tell me: I'm 
generally happy to host relevant pages.

So the page should now be more or less up-to-date. I'm sure that I'm 
missing lots of relevant links -- I haven't done a really serious surf 
looking for new sites in quite some time -- so please tell me if you 
know of other pages that should be there and aren't...

				-- Justin du Coeur

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