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> Question: what does "short leap" mean? I see it as the means of capture, but I don't know the term.
>Additional questions, for clarification:
> When the checkers move orthogonally forward or diagonally forward, is that just one "space" (or grid intersection at a time or do 
> they move multuple spaces like a Chess rook?
> Also, does "orthogonally forward" include moving sideways?
> Lastly, if a checker reaching the last row cannot move anymore, does this mean it can only capture sideways?
> Adam

The pieces can go one step in the three forward directions (I should have
used the term 'step'). Short leap means jumping over one square where an
enemy piece is located, to the opposite side. Orthogonally forward means
north (or south). A checker at the last rank can capture sideways,
orthogonally backwards, diagonally backwards.

I have uploaded a new version with slightly better graphics alignment
and where the graphic's size is reduced.

It actually seems like an attractive game. You must watch out all the
time for multiple captures. A little piece of culture has been saved from
oblivion.I noticed that Wikipedia has capitalized on my research in other
games. Somebody ought to write a book about checkers variants where
they are also analyzed, i.e. their pros and cons. Since we have recourse to
Zillions, it is now possible.

Mats Winther

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>> Ossetian Checkers. Heard of it
>> before? I describe it on below link where
>> there is also a Zillions implementation. I hope it is
>> authentic.
>> http://hem.passagen.se/melki9/ossetian.htm
>> Mats Winther
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