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Arnold Mayer arnold.mayer at onlinehome.de
Fri Oct 2 01:24:58 PDT 2009

Third addition:

another possible variant might be, that the Gala is not allowed to 
capture Horsa and Korna by chess-like capture. He only can capture by 
chess-like captures the opponents Kampas or Galas. In this variant the 
Gala is captures opponents Horsas and Kornas by custodial capture 
(surrounding the opponents Horsa / Korna with Gala plus Horsa or with 
Gala plus Gala or with Gala plus Korna). If one player has left only 
Galas on the board, the Gala can capture by chess-like capture (like the 
Horsas and Kornas can do after all Kampas of this player has been captured).

I think this changes in capturing are very similar to the character of 
the game (changing the movement by crossing the "lines") and they have a 
similarity to "Nine-Men-Morris" (changing the character of the pieces 
after six pieces are lost).


Kampa captures in a chess-like way
Kampa will be captured in a chess-like way by Gala, Korna, Horsa, Kampa
Kampa is allowed to capture at the centre-cells (Gala can't capture at 
the centre-cells; Korna and Horsa can't enter the centre)
Gala captures in a chess-like way the opponents Kampa and Gala
Gala captures Horsa and Korna by custodial capture (diagonally or 
"lone" Galas captures all pieces by chess-like capture
Horsa and Korna captures Horsa, Korna, Kampa in a chess-like way
Horsa and Korna captures Gala by custodial capture (diagonally or 
orthogonally) - Kampa can't be a part of this custodial capture
Horsa and Korna moves the Gala to the centre by a chess-like capture 
(the owner of the Gala is droping this Gala to any unoccupied cell at 
the centre)
Horsa and Korna captures all pieces by chess-like capture if this player 
has lost all his Kampas

Could this be a way to make the game more interesting? Or will this be 
to complicated?


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