hist-games: Need reference in Glonnegger: Das Spiele-Buch...

Arnold Mayer arnold.mayer at onlinehome.de
Fri Oct 2 00:39:55 PDT 2009

Second addition:

this variant still has a weak point, it is very hard to "eliminate" a 
Gala if you have no Kampas left. Because you allway need a Kampa to 
eliminate opponent's Galas, you also need a Kampa to save your Kornas 
and Horsas while they are doing a custodial capture (without any "rear 
cover" it is impossible to do a custodial capture).
This can be corrected by the following rule:
If a gamer has lost all his Kampa, he is can capture all pieces with 
"chess-like capture" (the custodial capture is no longer allowed). With 
this rule you have to think twice before capturing all opponent Kampas.


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