hist-games: Need reference in Glonnegger: Das Spiele-Buch...

Arnold Mayer arnold.mayer at onlinehome.de
Thu Oct 1 23:50:54 PDT 2009

Hello Mats,

You are right, for modern people there is a need to modernize the rules.

Here is my personal favorite on "modern" rules for Gala:

Only the Kampas are able to capture the Gala in "a final" way - if a 
Kampa captures a Gala (with a "chess-like" capture, by moving on to the 
cell were the Gala is placed), the Gala will be eliminated from the board.
If a Korna or Horsa captures the Gala, the Gala "flees" to the centre 
(to a field in the centre) - the Gala is put there by the player who is 
the owner of this Gala (not by the capturing enemy). Korna and Horsa can 
eliminate the Gala by "custodial capture" (in an orthogonal or diagonal 
direction). A Kampa is not able to be a part of this custodial capture, 
only Kornas and Horsas can do this, but it is allowed to capture with a 
"mix" of Korna and Horsa or Gala. All other pieces are captured by Korna 
and Horsa in the chess-like way (moving to an cell which is occupied by 
an opponent piece). The Gala is allowed to capture other pieces in the 
chess-like way (direct move to the cell) or to be part of a custodial 
All other rules are unmodified (Korna and Horsa can't enter the centre, 
only Kampa and Gala can do this ...).
This variant still follows "the old way of thinking", it intergrates 
more parts of Hnefatafl to the game and it makes the game more 
interesting - because it's not clever to capture both Galas by Korna or 
Horsa, in this case the opponent will win the game (both Galas in the 
centre). And you have to save your Kampas!


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