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It could be a good idea which you have done, namely to reconstruct games 
from a mythic and cultural point of view, trying to comprehend how they 
thought in that era.

Today I uploaded the latest fix. Like I said, I have also included variants 
where the first Gala capture wins. Thus it's a faster game. Download here:


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> Hello Mats,
> your implementation is real great!
> The "problem" to win the game after loosing one Gala isn't a problem to me.
> I think this is the character of old norse board games! You have similar 
> problems with Halatafl, Fox and Geese, Hnefatafl - there is always a 
> point of "no chance" for one side!
> But the game is going on! Until the end has come! This is a kind of "old 
> norse life style"! Have a look to the norse sagas, the heros in this 
> sagas often have no "chance to win". The hero knows that there is no 
> chance to win, but he is going on, he plays the game until the game is 
> finished!
> The hero has to go his way until the end of the way is reached, altough 
> when he knows that the end of this way will be his defeat. That's old 
> norse way of life. Games are the mirrors of experience of life.
> If you know that you will be defeated, play the game to the end - 
> knowing that you are defeated but hoping there will be a second chance 
> for you!
> Arnold
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