hist-games: Need reference in Glonnegger: Das Spiele-Buch...

Arnold Mayer arnold.mayer at onlinehome.de
Sun Sep 27 03:24:56 PDT 2009

Hello Mats,

your implementation is real great!

The "problem" to win the game after loosing one Gala isn't a problem to me.
I think this is the character of old norse board games! You have similar 
problems with Halatafl, Fox and Geese, Hnefatafl - there is always a 
point of "no chance" for one side!
But the game is going on! Until the end has come! This is a kind of "old 
norse life style"! Have a look to the norse sagas, the heros in this 
sagas often have no "chance to win". The hero knows that there is no 
chance to win, but he is going on, he plays the game until the game is 
The hero has to go his way until the end of the way is reached, altough 
when he knows that the end of this way will be his defeat. That's old 
norse way of life. Games are the mirrors of experience of life.
If you know that you will be defeated, play the game to the end - 
knowing that you are defeated but hoping there will be a second chance 
for you!


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