hist-games: Period Games article available for review

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Mon Jun 29 19:13:59 PDT 2009

There -- I finally finished that article for the Known World Handbook 
that I was talking about a few weeks ago. Sorry this comes so late: I 
had every intention of being finished a week ago, but work has been 
eating my brain and life.

It's due tomorrow night, but if anyone has the time and inclination to 
read through it before then, that would be welcomed. Mind, it's 
deliberately a bit over-simplified, glossing many details and sweeping 
the debates under the rug. (And it still needs a proofreading pass by my 
lady.) But I'd love a sanity-check, to make sure I haven't left out any 
crucial rules or made any glaring errors. It's in Word format (since 
that's what the editors prefer), and can be found at:


Please don't spread that URL around -- it's just temporarily uploaded 
there so folks here can give it a review if they like.

As for the games chosen: there was a clear consensus that Merels and 
Tafl should be included, so I started off with those. I also did briefer 
writeups of Chess and Tables, as many folks suggested, focusing on the 
differences between the modern and core period games, and giving one 
interesting period variant of each for flavor. That left me with room 
for one more game: after a lot of agonizing among the many good choices 
suggested, I opted for Tarot, as a fun and fairly easy game to learn, 
with a certain cachet of cool and interesting.

				-- Justin

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