hist-games: What's the one game (or maybe two or three) you would include?

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Tue Jun 9 05:03:10 PDT 2009

On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 3:16 PM, Jane & Mark Waks<waks at comcast.net> wrote:
> Teceangl wrote:
>> Morris, hazard and tafl.
> Hmm. This raises a good question: does anyone have a good concise writeup
> for Hazard that I might crib from? I've actually never taught it (no
> particular reason -- it's just never risen to the top of my queue), so I
> don't have as intuitive a sense of how to convey the game clearly and
> concisely as I do for many of the suggestions. But I do think it's a
> suggestion worth considering seriously. (As are the other two.)

Try http://agora.rdrop.com/users/tierna/generalSCA/hazard.html
It's an extract from the handout I use for teaching locally. Feel free
to crib, borrow, cite, orr do whatever you like to the wording in
order to make it work for you.

> And while I think of it: the interesting problem of putting Tafl in is which
> ruleset to use. If I decide to include one of the versions, I may want a
> separate conversation to try and figure out what seems to be the most
> popular interpretation for the common Tafl issues of, eg, how to capture the
> King and whether the King needs to get to the corner or side. (I teach the
> game periodically, but not enough to have a passionate opinion on these
> controversies...)

I just love that it's so accessible to those who read the historical
sagas. And yes, the 'which rules to use' problem is one I share. This
is what I usualy use:

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