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I?would go with Nine Men's Morris , partly because it covers a long time period and many cultures. A Norse persona could easily play with a Spaniard and it would not be out of persona for either of them.
Then the 11x11 Tafl, using the get King to corner to win and King can be captured like any other piece rules,(I find this the 'fairest' version), ?however I would list some of the main varients and explain that as long as both players play by the same rules it doesn't matter which varient you use. Regional variations are likely with any game, just as most people nowadays have some form of 'house' rules for commercial games like Monopoly. Or one could use the World Championship rules, but I understand they are still discussing whether to use last year rules or to tweak them to make the game more fair.
Then I would perhaps chose something that could be played by people of all ages such as Spilikins, otherwise known as Pick up Sticks. Very little needs to explained and you have almost instant fun. 

Other possibilities include Poch, one of the Tables varients, and any of the tossing, rolling, throwing games.

I think you also need to include a couple of the simplest games, not just because they are less intimidating for a beginner, but also because we have many youngsters in the SCA and they shouldn't be overlooked when writing an article for a publication such as The Known World Handbook.

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