hist-games: What's the one game (or maybe two or three) you would include?

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Sun Jun 7 15:16:10 PDT 2009

Teceangl wrote:
> Morris, hazard and tafl.

Hmm. This raises a good question: does anyone have a good concise 
writeup for Hazard that I might crib from? I've actually never taught it 
(no particular reason -- it's just never risen to the top of my queue), 
so I don't have as intuitive a sense of how to convey the game clearly 
and concisely as I do for many of the suggestions. But I do think it's a 
suggestion worth considering seriously. (As are the other two.)

And while I think of it: the interesting problem of putting Tafl in is 
which ruleset to use. If I decide to include one of the versions, I may 
want a separate conversation to try and figure out what seems to be the 
most popular interpretation for the common Tafl issues of, eg, how to 
capture the King and whether the King needs to get to the corner or 
side. (I teach the game periodically, but not enough to have a 
passionate opinion on these controversies...)

				-- Justin

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