hist-games: What's the one game (or maybe two or three) you would include?

jon at gothic green oak jon at gothicgreenoak.co.uk
Sun Jun 7 08:45:52 PDT 2009


Hope I can help with the following

Gluckshaus is easy to construct, may be played by several people any of 
whom may leave the game at some point and might be replaced by someone 
else, and has the additional positive feature of requiring no skill 

Three men's morris is one of the most beautifully formed two minute 
games ever made, (possibly too simple though?).

Finally I have to put a word in for my favourite of all the tafl games - 
known in the country where I currently live (Wales) as Tawl Bwrdd (Tafl 
played on and 11 x 11 board). Big enough to be interesting but not too 
big to intimidate.

Good luck

Gothic Green Oak

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