hist-games: Canvas game board

M Winther mwi9 at swipnet.se
Wed Apr 1 08:38:27 PDT 2009

I have figured out a way of creating game boards, with pieces, that
can hang on the wall. I painted an artist canvas with oil colour,
using a knife, and then I scratched the boardgame pattern. After it
had dried I placed magnetic buttons on it. They are held in place by
small magnets on the backside (a kind of iron ore that can be bought
very cheaply on ebay). Note that earth colours dry much faster than
other oil colours. Beware of cadmium colours. See the result here:

By scratching the pattern it cannot be worn off when playing. If one
wants clearer lines, or lines in another colour than white, then one
can prime the painting using acrylic colours. I suppose it's best to
use oil colour on the surface because it becomes very hard when it
dries, and it's very beautiful, too. In this case I used raw sienna
and some white which I smeared together. Then I made the surface more
rugged by using a cloth.

I got this idea from the ancient custom of inscribing boardgames on
vertical surfaces, probably as protective charms. Note that this game
can also be played where it hangs on the wall. The magnets on the
backside slide on the canvas. Such canvases are very decorative.
Instead of storing them in a drawer, one can hang them on the wall.

Mats Winther

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