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Fri Mar 27 18:48:53 PDT 2009

> Are you looking for Tarok specifically, or the whole family, or just this
> particular description? Either way, the book you ideally want is Michael
> Dummett's hard-to-find "The Game of Tarot". (Also useful are Dummett and
> McLeod's "A History of Games Played with the Tarot Pack", or at a pinch
> Dummett's smaller and less comprehensive "Twelve Tarot Games".)

The locals play this variant. I won't teach what's not at least
plausible, so there might be some surprises for experienced players
when I teach a better version. :)
I was looking for Tarok in this specific variant initially, but really
want a pre-1610 version likely to have been played in Europe, or a
plausible reconstruction thereof.

> Modar's version is definitely not from that; it does strike me as rather
> odd, but I don't know the Tarok side of the family well, so he may be
> adapting from there somehow. I'm assuming that you are looking at this page:
>        http://www.modaruniversity.org/Game7.htm

Yes, that one.

> Anyway, as usual it's worth checking out the Period Games Rules page:
>        http://jducoeur.org/game-hist/game-rules.html

I checked it but didn't see anything that related to the game in the
form as I knew it, so I came here to ask.  I'm seriously out of
practice in my critical assessment skills related to games, and so
many games have like names.

>        http://jducoeur.org/game-hist/game-recon-tarot.html


> Hope this helps...

Quite a bit, thank you.  Thank you also to the person who sent me
rules in private email.

Ulrich suggests publications by Thierry Depaulis, which is excellent
advice. I don't usually do this when I request info but could exact
titles ber supplied? I'm facing two March 31 deadlines and an April 10
one and ran out of time a week ago, so my chances to sort data and
find specifics are extremely limited. Apologies for asking others to
do my work for me.

- Teceangl
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