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Tue Mar 17 12:26:52 PDT 2009

This has come up in the past, but I stumbled on to something that  
might be of interest. I was playing around with designing my own  
Gluckshaus board, and wondering what if any meanings are assigned to  
the space on the fancier boards  

Outside of the "King", the "wedding" and the "Lucky pig" there doesn't  
seem to be a consistent pattern of meanings from what people have said  
here in the past. But I just ran across this page in German  
http://home.arcor.de/tomasz.nowak/evocatio/glhaus.htm and using the  
google webpage translator I found this tidbit:

"The fields are in the form of a house with 11 (or 10) rooms or  
windows arranged, and the happiness of states in which room you get,  
and whether there is something to win or lose, there... "

Babelfish translates this as "The fields are in form of a house with  
11 (and/or 10) areas or windows arranged, and determined the luck,  
into which room one arrives, and whether there is to win something  
there or lose?"

The mangled phrase "the happiness of states in which room you get" is  
what caught my eye... Could the illustrations on some the boards  
reflect something like different states of happiness/luck in life?  
Marriage or a wedding would certainly fit that model...

Is there a German speaker in the house?

MacGregor Historic Games

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